Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have always been inspired by interiors but lately it is a little over the top. Perhaps it is the fact that I now have my own house - a blank canvas where I am free to do as I please. I have volumes of interior design magazines and books but I find I am most inspired by design blogs these days. With the demise of many design magazines and the desire to have new information at my fingertips instantly, I think that the blog is my new favorite way to get lost and to day dream I suppose.

I wanted to include a photo for this first entry but could not decide on any single image that would define what inspires me - inspiration comes from everywhere - people, places and things. How could I possibly choose? With this new outlet I hope to see things in a different light to find inspiration from all things around me and to be able to articulate what I love and why.

I begin this blog while on maternity leave - busy with a little one but away from the stresses of work - allowing me the opportunity to dream a little bit and to begin to sort out my path. What should I really be doing with myself? How can I apply my creativity and love for interiors into a successful career? Am I ready to make a change?

The questions may get answered at some point but for now I want to focus on the day to day, catalogue my favorite things, share new discoveries and get my own house sorted out - I hope that with that my path may become clearer as I continue to be inspired.

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